Turban for Hair and Plopping


Turban made of 100% natural, highest quality and certified cotton.

Provide perfect protection for hair cuticles.


Turban size: 24 cm x 58 cm / 9.4 in x 22.8 in (universal)

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Dedicated for delicate hair. 100% natural Arystea turban is the way to shiny and healthy hair. Turban protect hair from frizz, static. Perfect for plopping, plunking of curly hair as well as for daily hair care routine.


First gently wipe wet hair. Next lay turban on flat surface. Then Flip your head forward so all your hair is in the center of turban. Roll the turban end and fasten on the button. Finally you can enjoy your plopping.
Natural curls dream come true!


Turban has a button which prevents from sliding off the head.

Turban size: 24 cm x 58 cm / 9.4 in x 22.8 in (universal)

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